Scrap Car Collection Areas

Scrap Car Collection up to 70 miles From Bolton

Wherever you are in the North west, our scrap collection team are ready and on hand to come and collect your scrap vehicle if you cannot deliver your car to our ATF scrap yard.

Our professional team are collecting vehicles from up to 70 miles from our base in Bolton every day, delivering hundreds of cars to be scrapped.

Take a look at some of the areas that we have visited in the last few weeks, underneath. We offer the best prices available for any scrap vehicle, and provide affordable, high quality spare parts for many differnt makes and models of cars.

If you would like Campbells auto breakers to come and collect your scrap car, please get in touch with us today.

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scrap car collection in Cheshire

Scrap Your Car In Cheshire

Our scrap delivery team have been colleting thoughout the Cheshire area in the last few weeks, collecting BMW's, Citroens and Fords. Read More

scrap car collection in Lancashire

Scrap Your Car In Lancashire

Our scrap yard is based in Bolton, so travelling into Lancashire is no huge effort for us. Get in touch with us today for an instant scrap car quote.

scrap car collection in Manchester

Scrap Your Car In Manchester

Close by the M61 motorway, we are next door to Manchester and can be anywhere around mManchester in next to no time to pick up your scrap car. Contact us today.

scrap car collection in Cumbria

Scrap Your Car In Cumbria

We have agents travelling around Cumbria every week ready and willing to pay top cash for all scrap cars in teh area. Interested? Give us a call for an instant quote today.

scrap car collection in Yorkshire

Scrap Your Car In Yorkshire

Our agents in Yorkshire are looking for quality scrap cars to pick up throughout the area. We offer the best prices for all scrap cars. Get a quote today.

scrap car collection in Merseyside

Scrap Your Car In Merseyside

We can often be found in Merseyside picking up end of life vehicles to bring back to our scrap yard. Offering the best prices for scrap cars, we are often the first company to call for a scrap car quote!

Have a question about scrapping your car, or our ATF facility?

If you have any questions about our scrap car service, our affordable spare parts, or any other aspect of our Authorised Treatment Facility service, please give us a call on 01204 393951